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C++ Arduino C Shell
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Added error-recovery on read-error on restore.

Also saved a few bytes.
Observed Entropy-forever-not-available bug once during re-encryption,
but it did not brick the device.
latest commit 7da56bf244
@DusteDdk authored

Firmware for the Final Key - A hardware password manager for Linux, Windows and OSX with encryption.

This software comes without any kind of warranty, and nobody is responsible.

  • ArduinoHacks are for ARDUINO 1.5.5 BETA 2013.11.28
  • The diff is for 1.0.5 (du'h, it's already in the name..).
  • The finalkeybackup.c is a linux tool to allow taking backup of your key (lock the key with q and close minicom before trying that).
  • The script can be run on Ubuntu/Debian/Archlinux and will fix permissions to device and add /dev/FinalKey rule (for all leonardo boards, no incompatibilities with existing Arduino setups though).


Directory                       - Description           - Author                - License       - URL
FinalKey                        - Firmware for FinalKey - DusteD                - GPL v3        -
libraries/EncryptedStorage      - Data store/retrieve   - DusteD                - GPL v3        -
libraries/I2ceep                - I2C EEPROM access     - DusteD                - GPL v3        -
libraries/TermTool              - Lazy mess, macros     - DusteD                - GPL v3        -
libraries/AES                   - AES Encryption        - MarkT / Brian Gladman - Header: AES.h -,88890.0.html
libraries/Entropy               - Random Number Gen.    - Walter Anderson       - GPL v3        -
ArduinoHacks                    - Changes to Arduino    - DusteD / Arduino      - LGPL          -

File                            - Description           - Author                - License       - URL
finalkeybackup.c                - Backup program        - DusteD                - WTFPL         -
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