The GUI Client for The Final Key.
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The GUI Client for The Final Key. This application lives in the SystemTray and lets you trigger account logins easily.


  • Make a "n most used" dialog for quick access to favorite accounts.
  • Blinking systray icon for countdown and saveaccount dialogs when buttonpress is needed.
  • Add "Don't check for new versions" option.
  • Fix button size in trigger-dialog.
  • Check/Fix tab order on all screens.
  • Make sure that no-cache are sent when asking about updates.
  • Catch banner on connect, use in title.
  • Check that selected keyboardlayout is consistent with system?
  • Prevent multiple instances of application at launch.
  • Add "repeat" to both icon menu and main app.
  • Add "search" to both icon menu and main app.
  • Add Change-banner feature.
  • Add Change-password feature.
  • Add "Format Key" feature
  • Add detection of unformatted key.
  • Investigate why disconnecting on windows does not behave as on Linux.