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Chromogen is a static image album generator
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What :: chromogen

Static image gallery generator, for generating galleries like Chromophiliat.

See it in action:

No server-side scripts, no client-side scripts, just static, pure, blissful HTML with a dash of CSS.

The generated galleries are self-contained, and can be moved around and hosted how ever you want, where ever you want, by whatever server you want.


Because I had a koken installation that I'd spent a lot of time on, and it just "stopped working" on me, that annoyed me. This is what I need and want.


  • edit
  • mkdir input and put full-size images there
  • ./
  • move output dir to wherever you want it.

System requirements

  • Bash
  • ImageMagick
  • sed
  • zip (optional, required if bundling is enabled)

This is not an exercise in doing things right, it's just a tool that I made and may be useful to someone else.

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