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Viewer for Ultimate64 VIC network stream
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A viewer for the UDP VIC video streaming function in the Ultimate 64!

I know this works on V1.21 -3.5a, it probably will work on newer, but maybe not older firmwares.

It listens for video on port 11000.

It listens for audio on port 11001.

shot of the screen

Official website:


You can change listening port, and colors in main.c go forth and make it great!


To compile you need to install:

  • libsdl2-dev
  • libsdl2-net-dev
  • gcc
  • make

Type: make

To execute


For help / show parameters

./u64view -h



Mac OSX ?

I've been told that this builds and works fine on OSX, I don't have a mac, so you need to compile it yourself.


For Windows users there is also another Ultimate 64 viewer, called "U64 Streamer" made by Martijn Wieland (TSB), check it out at

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