These are the slides and demos for the Talk R: It's Not Just For Pirates Anymore
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R: It's Not Just For Pirates Anymore

This repo includes slides and demos for this talk. These were built using R Tools for Visual Studio 2017 using Microsoft R version 3.3.3

To get started, go to the Visual Studio Installer and add the "Data Science" workload. This should install everything you need. Then you should be able to run the demos.

To setup Jupyter notebooks

To use the Data Visualization Notebook, you'll need to download the latest copy of Anaconda and install r and the r kernel onto it.

Command to install r and the r kernel:

conda install -c r r-irkernel

Then navigate to the project directory and run:

jupyter notebook

This command will open a Jypyter session in your browser. Then you can open up the notebook and run it.


The .NET family of languages covers a wide range of different programming paradigms. Until recently, data analysis wasn't well-represented in the .NET world. With today's proliferating amounts of data, all developers should consider learning more about data analysis. Enter R, a language tailor-made for data analysis. With the release of R Tools for Visual Studio, .NET developers can use this powerful language using familiar tools.

In this talk, we'll explore the R programming language, what you can do with it, and why R is a good addition to your toolkit. We'll talk about both traditional R tools and Microsoft's data analysis tools. After this talk, you'll be slicing and dicing data with ease.