Heavy modification setup of WC3Source plugin made to feel more like a 5v5 Moba version of CS:S.
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This is a 5v5 Counter Strike: Source MOBA repack of the War3Source mod.


  • 2 Teams of 5 pick unique races to their team and compete in round based gameplay earning EXP and Gold to spend on Abilities and Items.
  • Full bot support.
  • Many changes to War3Source mod to make it feel more MOBA like.
  • Many class tweaks and balances.


  • Pick a race from the menu when you start.
  • Teams are limited to 1 race per team.
  • Kill enemies and help with objectives to level up.
  • Every level you get to pick a new ability or level an existing one up.
  • At level 6 you get an ultimate ability!
  • First team to 10 wins.
  • Type sm_hud in your console to display a HUD with information.

How to setup your own server

  1. Install https://gameservermanagers.com/lgsm/cssserver/

  2. Make sure to install Sourcemod and Metamod plugins from the LGSM menus.

  3. Install War3Source http://ownageclan.com/jenkins/job/War3Source-Default1/ OR Compile from source https://github.com/War3Source/War3Source/

  4. Clone this repo and extract the files into their respective folders (cstrike base should be in your /serverfiles/ folder)

  5. Start the server and you should be good to go!