Embed javascript and css source inline when using the webpack dev server or middleware
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Inline Source extension for the HTML Webpack Plugin

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Enhances html-webpack-plugin functionality by adding the {inlineSource: 'regex string'} option.

This is an extension plugin for the webpack plugin html-webpack-plugin. It allows you to embed javascript and css source inline.


You must be running webpack on node 4 or higher

Install the plugin with npm:

$ npm install --save-dev html-webpack-inline-source-plugin

Basic Usage

Require the plugin in your webpack config:

var HtmlWebpackInlineSourcePlugin = require('html-webpack-inline-source-plugin');

Add the plugin to your webpack config as follows:

plugins: [
  new HtmlWebpackPlugin(),
  new HtmlWebpackInlineSourcePlugin()

The above configuration will actually do nothing due to the configuration defaults.

When you set inlineSource to a regular expression the source code for any javascript or css file names that match will be embedded inline in the resulting html document.

plugins: [
  new HtmlWebpackPlugin({
		inlineSource: '.(js|css)$' // embed all javascript and css inline
  new HtmlWebpackInlineSourcePlugin()


If any source files contain a sourceMappingURL directive that isn't a data URI, then the sourcemap URL is corrected to be relative to the domain root (unless it already is) instead of to the original source file.

All sourcemap comment styles are supported:

  • //# ...
  • //@ ...
  • /*# ...*/
  • /*@ ...*/