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This is a template lwIP and FreeRTOS project for the STM32F429-Nucleo (NUCLEO-F429ZI) board using STM32CubeMX and TrueSTUDIO.

The website example I found on:

Software versions I used (all on windows):

  • Atollic TrueSTUDIO 7.0.0
  • STM32CubeMX Version 4.18.0
  • STM32CubeF4 Firmware Package V1.14.0


In STM32CubeMX:

  • New project
  • Select STM32f429 Nucleo board (and also select "Initialize all IP with their default mode")
  • Generate the project
  • On pinout tab: click on pin PB0 and select "GPIO_Output", right click the same pin -> enter user label and name it: "LD1 [Green]"
  • Add FreeRTOS and LWIP
  • opt: On config tab select LWIP and change (in General Settings tab) DHCP from Enabled to Disabled and set the IP address settings to the correct values. (I used
  • On config tab select LWIP and add (in User Constants tab) a constant "LWIP_TIMEVAL_PRIVATE" with value "0" (both without quotation marks)
  • You can now generate the code. (If using Truestudio I put the code directly into my workspace) Settings I change:
    • Toolchain/IDE -> Truestudio
    • Turn on "Generate peripheral initialization as a pair of '.c/.h' files per peripheral"
  • After generating the code STM32CubeMX asks if you want to open the project, click open project.

In Atollic Truestudio:

  • Build project, if everything is set correctly build finishes without errors or warnings.
  • Start debug/program the code into your board. (Don't forget to run the code if you use debugger)
  • You should now be able to ping the board. (example on windows: open cmd and type: ping
  • add httpserver-netconn.c and temp.c to src folder
  • add httpserver-netconn.h and temp.h to inc folder
  • in Src/freertos.c:
    • Add #include "httpserver-netconn.h" just after USER CODE BEGIN Includes (line 50)
    • Add http_server_netconn_init(); just after USER CODE BEGIN StartDefaultTask (line 112)
  • In the root folder add the folder webpages with the files index.c and index.html in it.
  • Project should build again without errors.
  • Now navigate to "IP-address"/index.html (example: the website should be working now. If you used DHCP use a tool like Advanced IP Scanner to find the correct IP-address


  • Leave all "USER CODE BEGIN" and "USER CODE END" comments and place your code only between these. This allows you to regenerate your code within STMcubeMX without losing your code.
  • When generating the code STMcubeMX asks if you want to use systick with FreeRTOS, this is possible but you can change this on pinout tab: sys -> Timebase Source: (choose whatever timer is available)
  • I am working on a Python script to convert html/css/js/ico files to a c string file.


This is a template lwIP and FreeRTOS project for the STM32F429-Nucleo (NUCLEO-F429ZI) board using STM32CubeMX and TrueSTUDIO.







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