Python package for Lazyfact. Lazyfact tries to factorise an RSA modulus using very basic methods.
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Factoring RSA moduli using crazy luck

Lazyfact tries to factorise a RSA modulus using very basic methods. This project is created for educational purposes and covers the following subjects:

  • C, GMP
  • C, OpenSSL
  • Python, C extensions/packaging
  • Python, threading using Queue
  • Semiprime integer factorisation
    • Trial division
    • Pollards rho
    • Shanks squares
    • Findings another semiprime with a common GCD

Usage - building/installing

$ cd src
$ sudo python install

Usage - using

$ cd tryOut
$ gcc generator.c -o generator -lgmp -lcrypto 
$ ./generator > moduli.txt
$ python

Sources / Reading