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OSINT Discord resources that may be useful for searching or pivotting on Discord.

Discord official website:

OSINT Discord logo

Useful tool links and description

  1. Discordbee > Discord server search engine

  2. Discordservers > Discord server search engine

  3. Discord History Tracker > Discord History Tracker is a browser script that lets you locally save chat history in your servers, groups, and private conversations.

  4. Discord Hub > Search Discord users

  5. Disboard > Discord server search engine

  6. Unfurl > If you have any URLs of interest from Discord, you can potentially extract additional timestamp info. Each Discord ID (for user, channel, server, or file attachment) has an embedded timestamp that shows when that object was created.

    Unfurl can parse it (example):

    h/t Ryan Benson

  7. Discord Bots > Search for Discord bots

  8. Discord Me > Search public Discord servers

  9. Discord portal > Search discord servers

  10. Discord center > Search discord servers

  11. Discord Snowflake to Timestamp converter > Snowflake Timestamp converter

  12. > Navigating to followed by a user's ID can show information about their profile, including bots and servers reviewed on, their Discord username, and other information. This information is sometimes perserved after their account is deleted. They must have signed into using Discord for this to work, but many Discord users have.

Discord OSINT attack surface by Sinwindie

Discord OSINT attack Surface PDF > PDF document with attack surface options

Searching using the discord native searchbar

To narrow down your search, use the following filters along with your search query. You may use as many or as little filters as you want.


from: user - Shows results from a specific user.

mentions: user - Shows anytime someone mentioned the specified user.

has: link, embed or file - Shows messages that contain specified element.

before: date - Results only show messages sent before specified date.

during: date - Results only show messages sent on specified date.

after: date - Results only show messages sent after specified date.

in: channels - Results only show messages sent in specified channel.

Get Discord user ID

The steps below describe how to obtain a Discord user ID

Using the Mobile App

For the User ID, go to a user's Profile. You should see three dots on the top-right. Press those dots and you should see the last item on the drop-down menu: 'Copy ID'. Click this to get the ID. Paste in text editor to see the ID.

Using the Desktop App

Log into a Discord Channel. Right click your username in chat or channel list. Select Copy ID. Paste the ID somewhere to see it.

Sometimes you will need to set your account to developer mode first to be able to right-click a username and select Copy ID. Visit: - Settings -> Appearance -> and toggle ON developer mode.

Check the global Discord uptime status

Discord status > Check Global discord uptime status for the API, media proxy, push notifications, search, voirce & third party

Discord Wiki

Discord Wiki > Great in depth wiki about all Discord has to offer.


Some OSINT Discord resources






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