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UwUntu Logo

UwUntu OS official Github

Download UwUntu · Report Bug · Ask something

Table of Contents
  1. About The Project
  2. ThingsToDo file
  3. Background Files
  4. Dconf configuration and Desktop layout
  5. Plymouth
  6. Skel files
  7. Ubiquity
  8. UwUntu Repositories
  9. Community
  10. Help The Project

About The Project

Desktop Screenshots

UwUntu is a distro of Ubuntu, meaning its easy enough for new users to go into it, but we gave it the customization we thought it needed to become an OS that we, at the UwUntu team, would use on our daily life.

ThingsToDo file

The ThingsToDo file contains small tasks to do. It contains the apt packages added to UwUntu, Flatpak configuration and some files to edit.

Background Files

budgie-jammy-wallpapers.xml & budgie-wallpapers.xmlcontains the name and location for each background available in UwUntu.

You can get the backgrounds from the UwUntu-ART GitHub.

Dconf configuration and Desktop layout

Contains all the dconf configuration dumped into uwuntu-settings, all the themes and icons required and a readme file with the guidelines to apply the dconf settings.


Just two images to replace in /usr/share/plymouth

Skel files

All the files required for new users (neofetch, shell, uwuntu-welcome...).


Just a image to replace in /usr/share/ubiquity/pixmaps/ubuntu

UwUntu Repositories

UwUntu-Art KoFi Aisleriot-Cards UwUntu-info-updater UwUntu-plymouth-theme UwUntu-ubiquity-slideshow UwUntu-welcome


To get support for UwUntu specific issues, the UwUntu Discord is the best place to go. You can raise issues and help other members of our growing community.

Help The Project

This whole project has been done by two students who wanted to have fun with something different related to what we were studying.

In this process we fell in love with Linux and now we are planning to take this as a serious project, adding even more customization and support to other graphical environments.

If you’d like to contribute to this project, knowledge about Linux is always welcome, and if you would like to support us even more a donation will always be appreciated.

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