A set of smart contracts for the HanzeNet blockchain platform
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A set of smart contracts for the HanzeNet blockchain platform



This repository contains a set of smart contracts for the HanzeNet platform developed as part of my masters' thesis at the University of Twente.

The src directory contains the TypeScript source code of all the smart contracts. The dist folder contains the compiled contracts in JSON format, ready to be used with validana-cli.

Usage example

First, see the validana-cli documentation for details on how to set up Validana and the CLI.

# Install the JSON command line tool
sudo npm -g i json

# Clone the repository to the current directory
git clone https://github.com/DvdGiessen/hanzenet-smart-contracts.git .

# Set environment variables so we don't have to type them as parameters every time
export VALIDANA_PREFIX=hanzenet
export VALIDANA_URL=ws://localhost:8080/api/v1/

# Submit every contract for creation on the blockchain and shows whether that was successful
# Assumes there is a file `processorkey.json` which contains the private key of the processor
find dist -type f -exec validana-cli contract create --contract-file {} --signing-keyfile processorkey.json \; | json -ga transactionId | xargs -n1 validana-cli transaction await --id | json -ga payload.type message

# Generate two new keys: One for the context owner and one for a user
validana-cli key generate > contextkey.json
validana-cli key generate > userkey.json

# Add user as a trader in the context
validana-cli contract execute --contract-type Trader --payload "{\"context\": \"$(json -f contextkey.json address)\", \"address\": \"$(json -f userkey.json address)\", \"allowed\": true}" --signing-keyfile contextkey.json


These smart contracts are freely distributable under the terms of the AGPLv3 license.