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Credsleaker allows an attacker to craft a highly convincing credentials prompt using Windows Security, validate it against the DC and in turn leak it via an HTTP request.
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CredsLeaker v3

This script used to display a powershell credentials box asked the user for credentials. However, That was highly noticeable. Now it's time to utilize Windows Security popup!

Credentials Box


  • AD domain authentication validation.
  • Tested on Windows 10 (1809) with Powershell version 5.1. Needs to be tested on 7\8\8.1\ Servers and different powershell versions.
  • Can be modified (title, message etc.).
  • Added WORKGROUP support (validation is done against the local SAM).

As before, The box cannot be closed (only by killing the process) and will keep on checking the credentials against the DC. When validated, it will close and leak it to a web server outside.

Credentials Leak

How To:

  1. Start a web server.
  2. Type your server IP and port in the ps1 script.
  3. Execute the batch file.


To all my friends that helped to craft this script (specially @deanf)


This software is provided for educational use only (also with redteamers in mind). Don't use credsleaker without mutual consent. If you engage in any illegal activity the author does not take any responsibility for it. By using this software you agree with these terms.

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