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A modified implementation of Synthesizing Programs for Images using Reinforced Adversarial Learning (SPIRAL) using ChainerRL and MyPaint.


Run pre-trained models on Docker

cd docker
docker build . -t chainer_spiral
docker run -t --name run_chainer_spiral_demo chainer_spiral pipenv run python movie trained_models/quickdraw/68976000 result.mp4 --without_dataset
docker cp run_chainer_spiral_demo:/chainer_spiral/ChainerSPIRAL/result.mp4 .

If docker cp ... doesn't work because of a permission error, change permission of the current directory by chmod a+rw .

You can choose a demo mode from static, many, and movie (shown the above):

An example of static demo:

Many demo:

How to setup manually

Install dependencies (CentOS)

sudo yum install gcc gobject-introspection-devel json-c-devel glib2-devel git python autoconf intltool gettext libtool swig python-setuptools gettext gcc-c++ python-devel numpy gtk3-devel pygobject3-devel libpng-devel lcms2-devel json-c-devel gtk3 gobject-introspection

Install libmypaint

git clone
cd libmypaint
git checkout 0c07191409bd257084d4ea7576deb832aac8868b
./configure --prefix=<your-installation-prefix>
make install

Install mypaint-brushes

git clone
cd mypaint-brushes
git checkout 769ec941054725a195e77d8c55080344e2ab77e4
./configure --prefix=<your-installation-prefix>
make install

Build MyPaint with python support

mkdir build_mypaint && cd buid_mypaint
git clone
cd mypaint
git checkout 57685af8dbd65719d7874bc501094bade85d94e7
cd ../
pipenv install --python 3.6
pipenv install numpy pygobject pycairo
pipenv shell
cd mypaint
python build
readlink -f build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6  # append this path to .env file

Set envrionment variables

Make sure that <your-installation-prefix>/lib is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PYTHONPATH. Also PKG_CONFIG_PATH shoud include <your-installation-prefix>/lib and <your-installation-prefix>/share.

Install this project's dependencies

pipenv run install

Check your installation

Go to this repo's directory and run tests by pipenv run test

Train model from scrach

pipenv run python settings/default.yaml logs

Details of training options are available on comments of settings/default.yaml.


A modified implementation of Synthesizing Programs for Images using Reinforced Adversarial Learning (SPIRAL) using ChainerRL.



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