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Dwarf management tool for Dwarf Fortress
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Dwarf Therapist

This is the maintained version of Splintermind's Dwarf Therapist (itself a heavily modified version of the original Dwarf Therapist).

The Dwarf Therapist guide source and releases have their own repository.

Latest Release

The latest release is always published in the project's releases page. These releases normally contain packages for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Alternate Download (DFFD)

If the latest published releases do not contain a package, they may be found on DFFD.

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit

The manual for Dwarf Therapist can be downloaded separately.

Stand-alone Manual


Dwarf-Therapist requires a C++ compiler (with C++14 support), cmake (3.1.0 or newer), and Qt5 (with Widgets and QML modules).

Detailed building instructions can be found in


In addition to the AppImage provided on the releases page, packages for specific distributions can be found at:

Some Linux distributions restrict the ability to trace other processes. If Dwarf Therapist fails to connect to Dwarf Fortress, check ptrace_scope help.


Primary support is available at the Dwarf Therapist thread at the Bay 12 Forums; if you are sure you have found a bug, file an issue at the GitHub issue tracker. Provide as much information as possible to help reproduce the issue. Most runtime bugs will require you to send a save, preferably uploaded at DFFD. You may also be requested to provide a log, which is saved in log/log.txt on Windows and OSX and output to stderr on Linux systems (use 2> log.txt to collect).

You can also join us in #dwarftherapist on Freenode.

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