Official Java and Android Wrapper for Dwolla's API
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Official Java and Android wrapper for Dwolla's v1 API

Deprecation warning

This repository is for an old version of our API and is no longer actively maintained. Please use our new SDKs.

No Maintenance Intended

Using with Maven and Gradle

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dwolla-java-sdk is published to Maven Central. To include it, add the following to pom.xml:


For Gradle (Android's new default build automator), add the following to build.gradle:

dependencies {
  classpath 'com.dwolla:dwolla-java-sdk:2.0.9'

Quick Start

  • If you haven't already, follow the Getting Started documentation to create a Sandbox Account
  • To run the sample project:
    • Follow the instructions here to download and install Maven
    • Clone the repo, open dwolla-java/samples/**/ and set the SENDER_PIN to that of your Sandbox Account
    • From the dwolla-java/samples directory, run mvn package && java -cp target/dwolla-example-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar com.example.App
    • Enter your Sandbox credentials in the OAuth flow when prompted
    • Seeing the account name and transaction id in the browser means you successfully sent money with Dwolla!



Copyright © 2015 Dwolla

MIT License