Autogenerated Ruby SDK client for API V2
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The new Dwolla API V2 SDK, as generated by this fork of swagger-codegen.




dwolla_swagger is available on RubyGems.

gem install dwolla_swagger

To add as a dependency

echo "gem dwolla_swagger, '~>1.0.0'" >> Gemfile
bundle install

To install directly from source:

git clone
cd dwolla-swagger-ruby
gem build *.gemspec && gem install --local *.gem

OS X users may need to run gem install as a privileged user.


dwolla_swagger makes it easy for developers to hit the ground running with our API. Before attempting the following, you should ideally create an application key and secret.

Configuring a client

To get started, all you need to set is the access_token and host values.

require 'dwolla_swagger'

DwollaSwagger::Swagger.configure do |config|
    config.access_token = 'a token' = ''
    config.base_path = '/'

List 10 customers

Now that we've set up our client, we can use it to make requests to the API. Let's retrieve 10 customer records associated with the authorization token used.

my_custies = DwollaSwagger::CustomersApi.list(:limit => 10)
p my_custies.to_body

Creating a new customer

To create a customer, we can either provide a Hash with the expected values, or a CreateCustomer object.

location = DwollaSwagger::CustomersApi.create({:body => {
    :firstName => 'Jennifer',
    :lastName => 'Smith',
    :email => '',
    :phone => '7188675309'


jenny =
jenny.first_name = 'Jennifer'
jenny.last_name = 'Smith' = '' = '7188675309'

location = DwollaSwagger::CustomersApi.create(:body => jenny)

location will contain a URL to your newly created resource (HTTP 201 / Location header).


dwolla_swagger contains API modules which allow the user to make requests, as well as models which are DAOs that the library uses to serialize responses.


Each API module is named in accordance to (Dwolla's API Spec and encapsulates all of the documented functionality.

  • AccountsApi
  • BusinessclassificationsApi
  • CustomersApi
  • DocumentsApi
  • EventsApi
  • FundingsourcesApi
  • RootApi
  • TransfersApi
  • WebhooksApi
  • WebhooksubscriptionsApi


Each model represents the different kinds of requests and responses that can be made with the Dwolla API.

  • AccountInfo
  • Amount
  • ApplicationEvent
  • BaseObject
  • BusinessClassification
  • BusinessClassificationListResponse
  • CreateCustomer
  • CreateFundingSourceRequest
  • CreateWebhook
  • Customer
  • CustomerListResponse
  • Document
  • DocumentListResponse
  • EventListResponse
  • FundingSource
  • FundingSourceListResponse
  • HalLink
  • Money
  • Transfer
  • TransferListResponse
  • TransferRequestBody
  • Unit
  • UpdateCustomer
  • VerificationToken
  • VerifyMicroDepositsRequest
  • Webhook
  • WebhookAttempt
  • WebhookEventListResponse
  • WebhookHeader
  • WebhookHttpRequest
  • WebhookHttpResponse
  • WebhookListResponse
  • WebhookRetry
  • WebhookRetryRequestListResponse
  • WebhookSubscription



  • Existing CreateFundingSourceRequest, FundingSource, HalLink, Transfer, and TransferRequestBody models updated. New Clearing, MicroDepositsInitiated UpdateSubscription and FailureDetails models.


  • Patch 1.0.11 update.


  • Fix FundingsourcesApi to support optional removed querystring parameter.


  • Fix transfer failure to support deserialization with new transfer failure model.


  • Fix how boolean values are deserialized


  • API schema updated - CustomersApi contains support for Customer search. FundingSourceApi has new method for soft delete and new endpoint for retrieve balance. TransfersApi contains support for cancel a transfer and new endpoint to retrieve a transfer's fees. New OndemandauthorizationsApi, MasspaymentsApi, and MasspaymentitemsApi.
  • Existing Customer, CreateFundingSourceRequest, TransferRequestBody, Document, FundingSource models updated. New MassPayment, Authorization, FundingSourceBalance, RemoveBankRequest, and UpdateTransfer models.


  • Ensure DateTime is loaded


  • Fix micro deposit methods in FundingsourcesApi to fix issue where requests weren't being sent.


  • API schema error fixed, FundingSource object now has _embedded key to fix serialization issues.


  • API schema updated, CustomersApi has new endpoints for IAV verification.
  • Existing Customer related models updated, new VerificationToken model.


  • API schema updated, RootApi now added.
  • Changed auth_token to access_token in compliance with RFC-6749 recommended nomenclature.


  • API schema updated, new methods in FundingsourcesApi.
  • All methods which take Swagger variables in path (e.g, /resource/{id}) can now be passed a resource URL to make it easier for HAL-styled API consumption.
  • More idiomatic response logic for HTTP 201 responses.


  • API schema updated, new methods in CustomersApi and TransfersApi


  • Initial release.


This wrapper is semantically generated by a fork of swagger-codegen.


Copyright 2015 Swagger Contributors, David Stancu

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.