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Design by Transformation (DxT) code generation system
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DxTer is a system for researching Design by Transformation (DxT).
DxTer takes as input a knowledge base of software design
transformations and a graph representing functionality to be
implemented. It generates a search space of implementations from the
transformations, estimates their costs, and outputs the best code.

For information on DxT, see

Bryan Marker is the lead developer of DxTer.  Contact him at

Dillon Huff is a contributor developing "low-level dense linear
algebra" code generation functionality.  Contact him at

Bryan is currently supported by NSF grant CCF-1421211. He was
previously supported by NSF grant CCF-0917167, a fellowship from
Sandia National Laboratories, and an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
under grant DGE-1110007.

Dillon is supported by NSF grant CCF-1421211.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed
in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily
reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
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