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Async signaling library for .NET to help build real-time, multi-user interactive web applications for the official SignalR Library for .NET see the SignalR Repository

SignalR Objective-C

Extends the reach of the main SignalR project by providing a client that is written in Objective-C and is compaitible with iOS and Mac

What can it be used for?

Pushing data from the server to the client (not just browser clients) has always been a tough problem. SignalR makes it dead easy and handles all the heavy lifting for you.


See the documentation and api reference


NOTE: SignalR-ObjC uses Automatic Reference Counting.

Method 1:

  1. Copy the contents of the SignalR.Client and Vendor Folders into your project
    • Note: While SignalR-ObjC uses arc it makes use of Vendor Projects that do not.
      • For each target that SignalR-ObjC is used in update the compiler flags under Build Phases Compile Sources to -fno-objc-arc
      • for any files that have the prefix AF (This requirement will go away in future release of AFNetworking)
  2. In your pch file or where every you intend to use SignalR #import SignalR.h
  3. Build and Run your project with no errors

Method 2:

  1. Open the SignalR.Framework XCode Project
  2. Choose the appropriate build target SignalR-iOS or SignalR-OSX
  3. Verify that the Project's Base SDK setting under Build Settings is correct, Latest iOS for the iOS target, Latest Mac OS for the mac target
  4. Run the target
  5. Expand the Products Group
  6. Right Click on the product that corresponds to the target you built against, and choose show in finder
  7. Copy the SignalR-iOS.framework or SignalR-OSX.framework to your project
  8. In your pch file or where every you intend to use SignalR #import <SignalR-iOS/SignalR.h> or #import <SignalR-OSX/SignalR.h>
  9. Build and Run your project with no errors


SignalR-ObjC uses NSJSONSerialization if it is available. You can include one of the following JSON libraries to your project for SignalR-ObjC to automatically detect and use.

ARC Support

SignalR-ObjC requires ARC


MIT License

SignalR-ObjC uses 3rd-party code, see ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS for contributions and Vendor for specific usage


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