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SignalR-ObjC Release Notes


  • Removes the direct dependency on SBJSON (json-framework) instead makes json pluggable with a fallback to NSJSONSerialization if supported
  • uses __unsafe_unretained in place of __weak to support iOS 4.3 (with ARC)
  • Expose Headers/Cookies on SRConnection
  • Gracefully handle parameter mismatch in SRHubProxy invokeEvent
  • Adds AppleDoc Style Documentation to the project
  • Bug Fixes
  • Changes from the SignalR.Client project see issue 67 for details


  • Use Apple Defined Exceptions when trowing errors
  • Prepare project for Localization
  • Invoke Server Side abort when stopping connections for Http Based Transports
  • Abstract away AFNetworking and make HTTP library plug-able
  • Define Protocol for JSON serialization and deserialization
  • Allow sending an Object in SRConnection
  • Refactor ServerSentEvents transport
  • Add Connection State to SRConnection
  • fix retain cycles #92
  • switch to CocoaPods for dependency management
  • fix compiler warning #94
  • Bug Fixes


  • Transition to Cocoapods for easier installs
  • Support CocoaLumberjack for logging
  • Abort HTTPRequest before shutting down the client
  • Fixes URL creation when using a custom query string in SRHubConnection
  • Throw Exception if create proxy is called after start
  • Throw Exception if JSONSerialization Fails
  • Makes the Long Polling and Server Sent Events Transports more configurable
  • Bug Fixes



  • Adds support for SignalR protocol version 1.2 (SignalR library v1.0.1)
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