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Jupyter kernel for Dyalog APL

This is a Jupyter kernel for Dyalog APL. The wiki has more details.

For complete installation instructions from scratch on Windows, see in this repository.

If you're a kernel developer, see in this repository.

Do you have any pre-made notebook documents?

A collection of ready-made notebooks is available here.



Installing the Dyalog kernel

This kernel is installable via Python's package installer, pip. It comes bundled with Python, but does occasionally need updating.

In your terminal, run the follwing command:

pip install dyalog-jupyter-kernel[==2.0.1]

After successfully installing the kernel module itself, you need to register it with your Jupyter installation, using the following terminal command:

python -m 'dyalog_kernel' install

You should now be able to see the dyalog_apl kernel listed:

jupyter kernelspec list

Available kernels:
  python3       C:\Users\stefa\work\Jupyter\py312\share\jupyter\kernels\python3
  dyalog_apl    C:\Users\stefa\AppData\Roaming\jupyter\kernels\dyalog_apl

Start Jupyter:

jupyter lab # or jupyter notebook

and you should now see Dyalog APL amongst your kernels. Click on the Dyalog APL icon.