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Python Flask application that displays virus information in a customizable format


Web application written in Python using Flask which provides a single root page to display current World and customizable country COVID-19 information. This application reads from a configuration file which can be used to customize the following:

To-Do's for the author

  • Add desired locations to configuration file rather than hardcoding - DONE
  • Change code to loop through locations from configuration file - DONE
  • Update HTML page to receive array of locations - DONE
  • Clean-up HTML page look and feel - DONE
  • Add additional links to external charts/graphs, possibly embed them - DONE
  • Page auto refresh (not frequent) for those that might leave it open or use it in a kiosk - DONE
  • On data pull error, add message rather than just displaying a 0 - DONE
  • Add favicon - DONE
  • Reduce KPI size for smaller displays - DONE
  • Rename configuration file to match application name - DONE
  • Add logo size to configuration file - DONE
  • Move world and country titles to the lefthand area to make more room to add cities/provinces - DONE
  • Add cities/provinces to configuration file and display under countries - DONE
  • Change regions to hide by default in the page - DONE
  • License notice added - DONE
  • Log clean-up/archive - DONE
  • Add page refresh time to configuration - DONE
  • Add filter by region option - DONE
  • Add status page to show server info, status of configuration, and logs - DONE
  • Add options to disable logs automatically and via configuration -
  • Add option to control location of config and logs -
  • Authorization page to modify config from web page -
  • Clean-up status page so it looks better -
  • Add country maps and remove embedded world map - Started Dash branch
  • Look into direct OData access to Johns Hopkins University or other JSON API such as ESRI -


MIT License 2020, Bill Dykema.

This Python Flask application uses Muhammad Mustadi's COVID-19 JSON API to get data. Data comes from the Johns Hopkins University, it may not be used for commercial purposes.



Python Flask application that displays virus information






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