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CAD-Comic downloader

This is a small tool that will download the CAD-comics from a certain year (or, alternatively, all comics starting from 2002).

My main motivation for writing this was to play around with Python a bit. I do encourage you to support Tim (the author of CAD-comic) on patreon if you like the comics. Downloading them to your hard drive - whilst handy to read when not connected to the internet - does prevent Tim from earning revenue through cad-comic.

Usage of this CLI script: python [year].

For example, to download the archive for 2004: python 2004. If you want to download the entire archive, you can use all instead of a year: python all.

In case you want to download all of the comics starting with a certain year, you can append a year after the all parameter: python all 2006. This will then start downloading all the comics, starting with the archive for 2006.