UITableViewCell highlighting does not change the color of ColorLockViews.
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UITableViewCell highlighting does not change the color of DVColorLockViews.

  • DVColorLockView overides the backgroundColor setter for UIView.
  • Highlighting a UITableViewCell changes the background color of all it's subviews, it's annoying.
  • Highlighting a UITableViewCell won't change the color of its DVColorLockView subviews.

##Installation In your podfile:

pod 'DVColorLockView', :git => 'https://github.com/DylanVann/DVColorLockView.git', :tag => 'v0.1.5'


Using DVColorLockView within Objective-C through cocoapods is not currently supported. You could copy DVColorLockView.swift and use the normal procedure for bridging.

##Licence MIT