🗞 A static version of presskit(), with Grunt/Jade/SASS/YAML.
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Presskit Static

🗞 A static version of presskit(), with Grunt/Jade/SASS/YAML.

This is a port of Vlambeer/Rami's doPressKit that exports static html files.

Things this does better:

  • Works as a static site, as indicated in the name.
  • The code is more concise.
    • Jade templating. vs. PHP
    • SASS styling. vs. CSS
    • YAML configuration. vs. XML
  • You can input markdown for description, history and features.
  • Compresses images and css.
  • Creates a zip file of all your media.
  • Sticky Nav + ScrollSpy.

Things this does worse:

  • Doesn't have a 'request press copy' feature, since it's not PHP.
  • Right now this only produces a game page, not a company page.
  • Only produces one game page, not pages for multiple projects.


1. Installation.

This requires node and npm, and grunt. Navigate to the root folder in a terminal to run the commands in the next steps.

First run:

npm install

This will install all the node packages needed to run the gruntfile.

2. Entering information.

Enter your information in data.yml.

Add your images to the media folder. Note: The media folder is zipped to create a downloadable version of your presskit.

3. Compilation

Then run:


The output is in the presskit directory. Put it on your server where you want the presskit to be.

Live Updating

Alternativly, If you want to edit information and have a local site update as you work run grunt dev. The grunt task does full compilation for production, whereas the grunt dev task leaves out a few things for speed:

  • Compression of images.
  • Minification of html.
  • Creating the presskit zip file.
  • Autoprefixing css.
  • Minification of css.

If you want to get livereloading while looking at the fully compiled site run grunt prod, it'll be pretty slow though, since it rezips and everything on any change.

If you want to do something else then you should take a look at Gruntfile.js.