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Cryptopals in Go, see for details
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This is Dylan's attempt at doing the Cryptopals problems in Go. I'm doing this for a couple reasons: I want to learn Go, I want to play around with crypto, and it's fun. Chances are this code isn't great reference code.

See for details.



Nope. This isn't intended for use in any real projects, and the whole point of it is that I'm doing it myself. Go try it out yourself!

Licensing Details

MIT license yada yada; I don't really recommend using this code in any production system but feel free to steal it shamelessly. All of this is owned by and written by me except the data files (which come from the above linked cryptopals website).

This is open source because there are other open source cryptopals solutions, so I'm not enabling cheating on the problems. Also there is no point to cheating; if you're looking at this and thinking "I should try it" just go do it!

Since problem set 8 isn't available online, if I do get around to writing solutions for it, I won't post them here.

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