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GNU Octave support in DynaSim

kupiqu edited this page Nov 27, 2021 · 3 revisions

DynaSim supports only the latest GNU Octave version. Following the recommendation of GNU Octave developers, users of previous versions of GNU Octave are always encouraged to install the latest stable version, which is freely available.

  • Notes on the use of DynaSim in GNU Octave:

    • GUI: compatible in the Dev branch, give it a try!
    • Use of MATLAB Coder: Not applicable, but the use of the Octave Coder is in progress. Stay tuned!
    • Matlab built-in solvers: GNU Octave supports ode45, ode23, ode23s, ode15s, and ode15i. Supporting them all in DynaSim is currently in the agenda.
    • Use of parallelization: parfor keyword exists in GNU Octave but defaults to a regular for loop. DynaSim acknowledges GNU Octave limitation with an informative message the first time the parfor function is called. We prefer that option against defaulting to an error/warning message because that was the option preferred by GNU Octave developers and because it ensures a more efficient transition whenever parfor is properly implemented in GNU Octave.