GNU Octave vs. DynaSim limitations

kupiqu edited this page Dec 19, 2017 · 2 revisions
  • Limitations of GNU Octave with respect to MATLAB:

    • MATLAB Coder: Not implemented in GNU Octave.
    • Built-in Solvers other than ode23 and ode45: Not implemented in GNU Octave.
    • Parallelization: parfor keyword exists in GNU Octave but defaults to a regular for loop.
    • GUI: Very limited capabilities and not MATLAB compatible.
  • Limitations of DynaSim in GNU Octave:

    • Parallelization: DynaSim acknowledges GNU Octave limitation with an informative message the first time the parfor function is called. We prefer that option against defaulting to an error/warning message because that was the option preferred by GNU Octave developers and because it ensures a more efficient transition whenever parfor is properly implemented in GNU Octave.
    • GUI: DynaSim GUI would need a complete rewrite, specific for GNU Octave, which has not been a priority in DynaSim 1.0.
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