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My local mirror for banshee on OS X to work during my GSoC
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build build: partially revert previous commit to fix the build
data Add GTK category in .desktop files to comply with spec (bgo#685131)
docs Update API docs
extras build: Bump version to 2.7.0 and switch to post-release increment
help Updated/Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for UI/Help
libbanshee PlayerEngine: Add support for accurate seek
po Updated/Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for UI/Help
src PrimarySource: remove two unnecessary casts
tests Dap.MassStorage: Nokia N95 playlist sync support out of the box (bgo#…
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.gitmodules [hyena] Move to src/Hyena
AUTHORS release: Update AUTHORS and contributors.xml for 2.5.0
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COPYING Licence: update copyright year to 2013
HACKING build: cosmetic tabs vs spaces correction
MAINTAINERS Update email address build: use the gui-thread-check profiler module by default when debug…
NEWS release: Small updates to NEWS
README configure: Bump Mono dependency to 2.8.2 (bgo#690020)
README.l10n Clarify Hyena submodule l10n (bgo#629406) build: Fix "make run" with automake 1.12
banshee.doap release: Bump version to 2.6.0
bootstrap-bundle OSX: Make bootstrap-bundle write env vars into .csproj (bgo#682094) build: Bump version to 2.7.0 and switch to post-release increment
profile-configure Disable gio-* for OS X builds
release-rc make-release: Upload the doap file to the download server


Banshee is a multimedia management and playback application for GNOME, with
support for OS X and Windows as well.

Play your music and videos. Stay entertained and up to date with podcasts
and video podcasts.  Sync your Android, iPod, and other devices. We think
you'll love the new Banshee!

         Get Help
     Mailing List
              IRC  #banshee on (GIMPNet)
 Release Schedule
=== Dependencies ===

See for instructions on building
on various operating systems/distros.  The listed versions are the minimum
acceptable; higher versions are fine.

- Required
  * Mono                2.8.2
  * SQlite              3.4
  * GStreamer           0.10.26
  * Gtk#                2.12.10
  * GLib                2.22
  * dbus-sharp          0.7
  * dbus-sharp-glib     0.5
  * Mono.Addins         0.6.2
  * TagLib#   

- Required unless you pass some --disable flags to configure
  * libmtp              1.1.0
  * mono-zeroconf       0.8.0
  * boo                 0.8.1
  * gio-sharp           2.22.3
  * gtk-sharp-beans
  * gdata-sharp-youtube 1.4
  * webkit-1.0          1.2.2
  * gudev-sharp         0.1
  * gkeyfile-sharp      0.1
  * libgpod-sharp       0.7.95
  * mono-upnp           0.1

- Required at run-time:
  * udev
  * media-player-info
  * Brasero >= 0.8.1
  * Avahi
  * gst-plugins-bad (providing the bpmdetect GStreamer plugin)

=== Packaging Notes ===

* Follow NEWS for changes to dependencies and other packager instructions

* Pass --with-vendor-build-id="foo" to configure, where foo is like one of:

    openSUSE 11.1
    home:gabrielburt:branches:Banshee / openSUSE_Factory
    Banshee Team Daily PPA / Ubuntu 11.04
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