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genbanking is a simple framework written in C# that uses plugable backends to perform common banking tasks. It ships with a webservice frontend to perform banking tasks over the network using SOAP or JSON messages. Currently it is mainly developed and tested under linux using mono ( but aims also to run under Microsofts .NET framework.

Current Features

  • Retrieve account balance and transaction lists / statements
  • Included ASP.NET WebService to retrieve balance & statements for any backend via SOAP or JSON over the network
  • Provider backend for german bank accounts using HBCI via AqBanking. See AqbankingBackend for details.
  • Provider backend for LibertyReserve eCurrency using built-in XML backend
  • Incuded commandline client (mainly for debugging)

Installation & Setup

see Installation for details how to setup and install genbanking as SOAP/JSON server.

Reuse & embedding

You can use genbanking as a banking library in your .NET application, or write your own backends to use with genbanking. See UsingAsLibray or CreatingBackends for details.

Help, Support & Contact

There is a community google discussion group setup at where you can get support & help.


Currently genbanking is still under development, new collaborators and patches are highly welcome.


genbanking is licensed under the GNU AGPL v3.

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