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DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET Examples

This project contains examples for the DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET available at For more information, refer to the online documentation for DynamicPDF Rasterizer.


The solution already contains the required cete.DynamicPDF.Rasterizer.NET package as of Rasterizer version 3.17.0. You should update the Nuget package if you wish running the examples.


DynamicPDF Rasterizer comes with an example project available on GitHub. This project works with .NET 5.0 or greater or .NET Core 3.0 or greater.

Console Examples

The solution provides the following examples.

Class Name Description
CropImage Rasterizes a PDF to a Cropped image.
DitheringImage Demonstrates applying dithering when rasterizing.
GifWithWebPalette Rasterizes a PDF to a GIF image with web color palette.
IndexedImage Rasterizes a PDF to an Indexed image.
JpegImage Rasterizes a PDF to a JPEG image.
MonochromeImage Rasterizes a PDF to a Monochrome color image.
MultiPageTiff Rasterizes a PDF to a multi page TIFF image.
PdfPortfolio Rasterizes a PDF document's PDF attachments.
PngBackgroundImageWithColorWithTransparency Rasterizes a PDF that includes a transparent image and has a background color.
PngBackgroundImageWithRgbColor Rasterizes a PDF that has a background color.
PngImageWithUserPalette Rasterizes a PDF with a user defined color palette.
RasterizationEventHandling Demonstrates event handling when rasterizing a PDF.
RgbaImage Rasterizes a PDF to a RGBA color image.
RgbaImageCustomNaming Demonstrates creating a custom name for a PDF with multiple pages.
RgbaTransparency Rasterizes a PDF that contains transparency.
TiffImageColorFormat Demonstrates rasterizing a Tiff image and specifying color format.