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Daylight Analysis for Dynamo

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  • Analyze: category to access all nodes for setting up renders and daylight renders
    1. Analyze.Render: nodes for setting up cloud renderings
      1. CloudRenderingJob.Create.ByViewName,Width,Height: returns a cloud rendering job to be uploaded and rendered
      2. DateTime.Create.ByDateInformation: returns datetimeobject that is used to control rendering time
      3. Do Cloud Render: actually performs the rendering job, returns the resultant rendering images or in the case of a daylight render job the path to the rendering file on disk
      4. Export Cloud Render Data: exports model data by revit view to a file
      5. SkyModel.Upload Cloud Render Data: uploads model data to cloud rendering service
      6. RenderingEnvironment.Create.BySkyModel,Location,Date: setup the enviornment variables for a daylighting analysis render
      7. Select RenderQuality: a render quality for image cloud renderings, allows you to specify draft - best.
      8. Select RenderType: a render type for cloud rendering service to perform: could be an image, illuminance image, solar study or panorama,
      9. Select SkyModelType: for daylight analysis, select a skymodel type to light the model
      10. SkyModel.Create.ByTypeConstants: returns a skymodel that is used for daylight renderings, the inputs for the skymodel can be found in climate files for specicic sites gathered from green building studio or other sources.
    2. Analyze.SiteLocation:
      1. Site Location: returns the sitelocation from the Revit Document to be used for daylight analysis renderings
    3. Analyze.Daylighting: nodes for setting up daylight analysis renders
      1. CloudDaylightingJob.Create.ByViewName,Divisions,Boundary: a node that sets up a daylight render and returns the job object that will be uploaded
      2. DaylightingResults a. Actions: nodes for extracting information from daylight results 1. Colors: extracts color values for each sample point, can be clamped to max value, this value becomes white and all other values are scaled below this max between white and black
        2. Illuminancevalues: extracts illuminance values at each sample point 3. Normals: extracts normal of sample point if it was on some geometry 4. Points: the point in space at each sample point on the sampling plane 5. ToImage: converts the illuminance values to an image clamped by some max lux value, this value becomes white and all other values are scaled below this max between white and black
        b. Create 1. Parse: parses the daylight returned file path from the do cloud render node to a daylight result c. Query 1. Resolution: returns an array of the x,y size of the rendering sample grid 2. XResolution: returns the x dimension of the sample grid 3. YResolution: returns the y dimension of the sampel grid
      3. Illuminance: a. Actions: 1. ToFootCandles: converts illuminance values to footcandles from lux 2. ToSRGB: converts lux values to weighted RGB values as a single real number for easy comparison b. Create: 1. ByRGB: creates an RGB illuminance value by red,green,and blue channels representing wavelengths c. Query: 1. B: Blue Channel 2. G: Green Channel 3. R: Red Channel

small sample files are here, these are the ones that had been tested as working on .7x before daylighting stopped working, so untested as of now. View Sample Files

samples include: a daylight rendering, a cloud rendering, and a brute force iteration with daylight renderings, weather file, rvt file, and custom nodes are included, will need to add the custom nodes to the definitons folder in %appdata%. The nodes are only required for the brute forcing sample. Once daylighting is working in master again we can supply this set of examples and and nodes as a package.

a set of videos and pdfs are here, though they are .63 dynamo but the nodes are very similar:

View PowerPoint and Videos

blog posts from .63 version as well, I think these are useful, even so.

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