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How to Utilize Dynamo Builds

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Daily builds versus Stable builds

It is a tradition that the Dynamo at Autodesk team keeps up a fast pace of iteration by releasing both daily builds per commit, and also stable release builds after our system testing and release cycle. Our team would love to restart the daily and stable builds so that users can control where DynamoCore is extracted on their disk locally, so users can have confidence utilizing it, without impacting Dynamo for other ADSK products. There are a few natural candidates for this purpose, including .nupkg, .zip file, or a dedicated installer where users can choose install path or other options.

Given our goal of getting users our latest code in the most simple way possible we have decided to deliver a .zip file containing the DynamoCore binaries and Dynamo Sandbox that can be used without Revit (with some constraints).

Dynamo Zip builds

Definition and Source

The DynamoCoreRuntime zip build is a snapshot of DynamoCore binaries which is made during our automated builds.

You should be able to launch DynamoSandbox.exe in the extracted folder to use Dynamo with minimal setup.

Required components

7zip used for unzipping the package here

Microsoft DirectX which is also available publicly in our Dynamo Github Repo here

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable link

Optional components

Geometry Library ( It will only be available with particular Autodesk modeling tools like Revit, Civil 3D, Advanced Steel, etc)


If you unzipped the build and could not launch DynamoSandbox.exe at all, please make sure to use 7zip to unzip the build.

If you are missing any of the required components, you may encounter problems using Dynamo, and certain parts of the UI may fail to load.

Using the following screenshot as an example, unzipping our build on a clean Windows 10 VM without GPU, the machine is missing both required components. This is indicated in the Dynamo Console.


Installing DirectX

Please follow the Microsoft instructions here to check if you have DirectX installed already. If not, you can open DXSETUP.exe in our Dynamo Github Repository here. Once you see the dialog below, feel free to hit next to install DirectX to the default location.


Installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable

Please follow the Microsoft instructions to download latest here. Then you should be able to run the installer named vc_redist.x64.exe in your browser download location. Once you see the dialog below, feel free to click install to put this component in the default location.


After installing both required components from the link above, re-launch DynamoSandbox.exe, you should see the following result:


Missing 3d graphics.

You may also run into graphics issues running sandbox for the fist time, you can follow the standard graphics issues FAQ here:

In general you will likely need to force high performance GPU mode for your graphics card when using the DynamoSandbox.exe

example nvidia control panel: Control Panel

Dynamo Builds Location

Stable Releases

Daily Builds and Stable Releases

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