A collection of samples demonstrating how to develop libraries for Dynamo.
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Dynamo Samples

A collection of samples demonstrating how to develop libraries for Dynamo.

These samples make use of the Dynamo NuGet packages. NuGet should take care of restoring these packages if they are not available on your system at build time.

Building the Samples

  • Clone the repository.
  • Choose a branch:
    • The master branch of Dynamo Samples corresponds to the master branch of Dynamo. To build against a specific version, choose that version's branch. I.e. 0.8.0, 0.9.0, etc.
  • In VisualStudio 2013 or greater, open DynamoSamples.2013.sln.
  • Build the Debug/Any CPU configuration.
  • The dynamo_package folder at the root of the repository will now have the built libraries. The Dynamo Samples folder in that directory can be copied directly to your Dynamo packages directory:C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\0.8\packages.
  • To install the sample view extension the SampleViewExtension\bin\debug folder (or release) should contain
    • SampleViewExtension.dll which should be copied to your root Dynamo build location
    • SampleViewExtension_ViewExtensionDefinition which should be copied to the viewExtensions folder inside your root Dynamo build location
  • Run Dynamo. You should find SampleLibraryUI and SampleLibraryZeroTouch categories in your library and the view tab inside of Dynamo should now contain Show View Extension Sample Window.

Assembly Reference Path to assembly for binaries are defined in CS.props and user_local.props which can be found at $(SolutionDirectory)\Config user_local.props defines path to binaries found in the bin folder of the local Dynamo repository If the specified binary is not found, the path to the nuget packages binaries will be used instead which is defined in the CS.props file