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using System.Collections.Generic;
using SystemTestServices;
using Autodesk.DesignScript.Runtime;
using Dynamo.Graph.Nodes.ZeroTouch;
using Dynamo.Tests;
using NUnit.Framework;
namespace SampleLibraryTests
/// <summary>
/// HelloDynamoSystemTests is a test fixture that contains
/// system tests for Dynamo. System tests test the entire
/// Dynamo system including the UI. They do this by starting
/// a session of Dynamo, then opening .dyn files, executing them
/// and comparing the values returned from Dynamo with those
/// stored on our test class.
/// System tests have dependencies on Dynamo core dlls. In
/// order for these tests to work, your test dll needs to be
/// located in the Dynamo core directory. The project currently assumes
/// that Dynamo is built in a directory adjacent to the DynamoSamples
/// repository, so a relative path is set to the debug build folder for Dynamo.
/// If your setup is different, then you will need to explicitly set the output path
/// to your Dynamo installation directory.
/// </summary>
public class HelloDynamoSystemTests : SystemTestBase
/// <summary>
/// The GetLibrariesToPreload method can be overridden in your test
/// suite to add libraries for preload. By default, SystemTestBase does
/// not preload any libaries. This improves startup performance of Dynamo
/// for testing, but may mean that your workflow will not operate as expected.
/// Add the libaries that your workflow requires to the 'libraries' list.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="libraries">A list of Dynamo assemblies that will be loaded when Dynamo starts.</param>
protected override void GetLibrariesToPreload(List<string> libraries)
// For example, if you wanted to load the geometry library, you
// could uncomment the following line.
// The RequiresSTA attribute is required by
// NUNit to run tests that use the UI.
[Test, RequiresSTA]
public void HelloDynamoTest()
// HelloWorldSystemTest.dyn is a test .dyn file which
// should be copied to the output directory, so it's available
// for testing. You can also change this path to anywhere you
// would like to get your test file from, but it has to be
// a relative path from the dynamo core directory (the working directory).
// Ensure that the graph opened without any "dummy nodes".
// Dummy nodes would appear if your graph had a node that
// could not be found in the library.
// Get the first node of a certain type from the workspace.
// DSFunction nodes are a type of node which wrap built-in functions
// like the '+' function, which is what we're looking for.
var addNode = Model.CurrentWorkspace.FirstNodeFromWorkspace<DSFunction>();
// Ensure that the value of that node after evaluation is
// the value that we are looking for.
Assert.AreEqual(addNode.GetValue(0, Model.EngineController).Data, 42);