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Dynare Reporting

Originally designed to provide reporting functionality for Dynare, it has been moved to its own repository in the hopes that it can be used without obliging the user to download Dynare in its entirety.


Dynare Reporting is covered by the GNU General Public Licence version 3 or later (see in the Dynare Reporting distribution for specifics).

Obtain the code that Dynare Reporting depends on

Dynare reporting depends on the Dynare dates and dseries repositories and on utility functions from the dynare repository, located in dynare/matlab/utilities/general

Use the Dynare Reporting code

  • Open Matlab/Octave
  • Change into the reporting directory
  • Ensure that the dates and dseries directories are in your path and initialized correctly (follow the directions on the respective sites)
  • Add <<dynare>>/matlab/utilities/general to your path where <<dynare>> refers to the base of your Dynare installation
  • Run initialize_reporting_toolbox
  • Use the reporting code as outlined in the Dynare documentation

Run the example code

  • Follow the steps above
  • Change into the reporting/test directory
  • Modify the paths in reporting/test/runtest.m appropriately
  • Run the runtest matlab script