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A collection of Ansible Roles for automated deployments of Dynatrace products.
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A collection of Ansible Roles for automated deployments of Dynatrace products.

You can use the provided sample Ansible Playbook in sample-playbook.yml as a quick starter for deploying Dynatrace products into your development, testing and production environments. Please refer to the particular roles in the roles directory for detailed instructions. A sample Ansible Inventory file is provided in sample-inventory.


For all machines in the inventory file, Ansible requires an SSH connection and a user that is able to execute the commands given in the particular roles using sudo. The sample playbook assumes that such a user exists under the name deploy (which can easily be changed to whatever works for you).


ansible-playbook -i sample-inventory --tags=$product --ask-pass sample-playbook.yml

Where $product is one of, or a comma-separated combination of the following Ansible Tags:

Tag Matches Role
agent Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Agent
apache-httpd-agent Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Apache-HTTPD-Agent
client Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Client
collector Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Collector
glassfish-agent Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Glassfish-Agent
java-agent Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Java-Agent
license Dynatrace.Dynatrace-License
nginx-agent Dynatrace.Dynatrace-NGINX-Agent
plugin Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Plugin
server Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Server
tomcat-agent Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Tomcat-Agent
update Dynatrace.Dynatrace-Update
wsagent Dynatrace.Dynatrace-WebServer-Agent

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Feel free to post your questions on the Dynatrace Community's Continuous Delivery Forum.


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