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Dynatrace Gradle Plugin Build Status

The automation plugin enables FULL Automation of Dynatrace by leveraging the REST interfaces of the Dynatrace AppMon Server. The automation plugin includes Gradle tasks to execute the following actions on the Dynatrace AppMon Server:

  • Activate Configuration: Activates a configuration within a system profile
  • Enable/Disable Profile
  • Stop/Restart Server
  • Start/Stop Session Recording: Returns the actual recorded session URI
  • Start/Stop Test: Start returns testrun id, allowing to inject it into Dynatrace agent parameters and use to finish test
  • Store pure paths

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  • Dynatrace Application Monitoring version: 7+ (builds that support older AppMon releases can be found on the Releases page)
  • Gradle 2.14+

Manual Installation

Plugin library is available in maven central repository (starting with version 7.0.0).

  • Add the following to your build.gradle

     buildscript {
         repositories {
         dependencies {
             classpath 'com.dynatrace.diagnostics.automation:dynatrace-gradle-plugin:7.0.0'
     apply plugin: 'dynatrace-gradle-plugin'
  • Define properties for the Dynatrace tasks shown in build script from the example package

  • Invoke your gradle tasks, e.g.: gradlew DtEnableProfile


In order to build the plugin, Gradle environment is needed to be configured in your system. Then you should be able to build package by executing gradlew build. Jar file should be available in build/libs folder


Global Settings

To define plugin-scope properties, use dynaTrace closure:

dynaTrace {
	username = 'admin'
	password = 'admin'
	serverUrl = 'https://localhost:8021'
	profile = 'systemProfileName'
	ignoreSSLErrors = true

Local Settings

In order to override given properties mentioned above, use task-scope properties. This example shows that functionality in DtStartTest task:

DtStartTest {
	username = 'user'
	password = 'password'
	serverUrl = 'https://localhost:8021'
	profileName = 'otherProfile'

	versionBuild = 1
	versionMajor = 2
	versionMinor = 3
	versionRevision = 4
	versionMilestone = 5
	platform = 'Linux'
	marker = 'marker'
	category = 'unit'

	addCustomProperty 'testset', 'unit-tests'

Available Gradle tasks

Description of Available Gradle Tasks

Server Management

  • DtEnableProfile - Enables or disables a System Profile
  • DtActivateConfiguration - Activates a Configuration of a System Profile
  • DtRestartServer - Restarts a dynaTrace Server
  • DtStorePurePaths - Store current Live Session

Session Management

  • DtStartRecording - Starts session recording for a specified system profile
  • DtStopRecording - Stops session recording for a specified system profile

Test Management

  • DtStartTest - Sets meta data information for the Test Automation Feature and provides the DtStartTest.testRunId necessary to support parallel builds. The DtStartTest.testRunId value needs to be passed to the agent instrumenting the JVM that's executing the tests.
  • DtFinishTest - Sets test status of test run to finished

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