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Dynatrace IntelliJ Idea Integration Plugin Build Status

The Dynatrace IntelliJ Idea Integration Plugin enables you to:

  • launch applications with an injected Dynatrace Agent directly from IntelliJ
  • retrieve & display the key architectural metrics (such as number of SQL queries, external API calls, exceptions and log messages) from your tests
  • perform lookups of source code files and methods from applications under diagnosis in Dynatrace AppMon

Special thanks to Christian Grimm who contributed to the first version of this plugin.

Table of Contents



  • Dynatrace Application Monitoring version: 6.3+
  • IntelliJ version: 15+ (143+)

Find further information in the Dynatrace community.

Installation from JetBrains repository

  • In IntelliJ IDEA, click on File / Settings / Plugin / Browse repositories...
  • In the search box type Dynatrace and select Dynatrace AppMon Integration
  • Click Install and restart IDEA


Manual Installation

  • Download the latest plugin
  • In IntelliJ Idea, click on File / Settings / Plugins / Install plugin from disk...
  • Select the downloaded zip archive



Global Settings

The global settings for the plugin are located under File / Settings / Build, Execution, Deployment / Dynatrace

global settings

Run Configurations

run configurations

Using the IntelliJ Idea Integration Plugin


The lancher will run applications with an injected Dynatrace Agent using the agent name and additional parameters defined in the run configuration:


The launcher supports all java run configurations.

The agent will output debug information into the console:

console output

Test Result

When lauching JUnit tests with the Dynatrace launcher, the plug-in will automatically register a test run to the Dynatrace Server. The results and key architectural metrics are automatically retrieved and displayed in the Test Result tab.

edit run configurations

The test results are also visible in the Dynatrace Client for further drill-down to the PurePath level.

edit run configurations

Source Code Look-up

The Dynatrace Client enables you to analyze PurePaths down to the individual methods that have been instrumented in the context of the captured transaction. When you identify a problematic method either in the PurePath view or in the Methods view of the Dynatrace Client, you can use the Source Code Lookup to jump to the source code line if you have the IntelliJ Idea project open.

edit run configurations

Problems? Questions? Suggestions?

Additional Resources

Dynatrace AppMon Documentation

Recorded Webinar