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Library providing wrappers for working with Server REST API from Java code
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Dynatrace Server SDK Build Status

This library provides an easy to use Java implementation of Dynatrace Server REST API.

Table of Contents


Library is available in maven central repository (starting with version 7.0.0; for previous versions see the Releases page).


  • Add the following code to the <dependencies> section:


  • Put the following code in your dependencies block:
compile 'com.dynatrace.sdk:server-rest-sdk:LATEST_VERSION'


The SDK is divided into small modules called services. Each service corresponds to the appropriate Rest API endpoint. Documentation of Rest API endpoints can be found on your local Dynatrace Server: https://DTSERVER:8021/api-docs/current/. General documentation for Server Rest interfaces is available here.

The SDK currently supports a small part of the available interfaces, therefore Pull Requests are highly appreciated.

Each service takes a DynatraceClient as the only parameter in the constructor.

Dynatrace Client

The DynatraceClient holds the Apache HTTPClient under the hood and therefore it is recommended to pass thesame DynatraceClient to all services to avoid multiple client creation.


The DynatraceClient can be constructed using two constructors:

public DynatraceClient(ServerConfiguration configuration) {
public DynatraceClient(ServerConfiguration configuration, CloseableHttpClient httpClient) {

You most likely want to use the first one.

ServerConfiguration is an interface which has a basic implementation: BasicServerConfiguration

The most basic use-case would be to create a DynatraceClient the following way:

DynatraceClient client = new DynatraceClient(new BasicServerConfiguration("username","password"));

You may want to take a look at BasicServerConfiguration source-code for a list and documentation of other constructors.

Test Automation


import com.dynatrace.sdk.server.testautomation.TestAutomation;
TestAutomation automation = new TestAutomation(DynatraceClient);



import com.dynatrace.sdk.server.sessions.Sessions
Sessions sessions = new Sessions(DynatraceClient);

System Profiles


import com.dynatrace.sdk.server.systemprofiles.SystemProfiles
SystemProfiles systemProfiles = new SystemProfiles(DynatraceClient);

Server Management


import com.dynatrace.sdk.server.servermanagement.ServerManagement
ServerManagement serverManagement = new ServerManagement(DynatraceClient);


In order to build the library, one must execute mvn clean install or mvn clean package.

Running tests

The SDK comes with some unit tests, to run them, execute the following command:

mvn clean test

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