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The Dynatrace API examples demonstrate how to access various parts of Dynatrace, such as timeseries, problem feed and infrastructure topology as an API consumer.

Dynatrace API documentation

The full Dynatrace API documentation can be found here:

API key

In order to use the Dynatrace API, you need an API key for your Dynatrace tenant. You can generate a key by following these steps

  1. Go to your Dynatrace environment: https://{tenant}
  2. Expand the side-bar menu on the left side of the screen and go to Settings and then Integration
  3. Choose the Dynatrace API section
  4. Click on Generate token to create a new API key
  5. Enter a description label and submit the request
  6. Expand the created key via clicking on the "Edit"-label, copy the token and use it in your Dynatrace API examples

Using the API with Dynatrace Managed environments

For Dynatrace Managed environments you need to use an URL with the following structure:




This module is provided under BSD-3-Clause license. Please check out the details in the LICENSE.txt

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