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@monaco-release-dt-bot monaco-release-dt-bot released this 04 Oct 11:48


  • Added deploymentStatus field to structured logs #1201
  • In addition to the existing log file, we're now writing log files only containing errors. This error file will be stored as .logs/[timestamp]-errors.log #1183
  • When printing what configs are skipped, the structured logging now includes the child-field.


  • Vulnerability: Mitigated the possibility of having credentials logged during the execution of a specific Monaco command.
  • We're now matching Settings 2.0 key properties correctly. #1178
  • We improved our memory footprint by not printing all errors at the end of the Monaco-execution. Errors are printed whenever they happen, and only a summary is printed how many errors happened for each environment at the end. #1185
  • We're not reporting correctly whenever the property inside a reference is missing #1194
  • We've also fixed several occurrences of unstructured logs inside the structured logging-mode. #1193

Container image

Images are available at

The image can be used directly, passing command arguments to the CLI directly or in CI with a monaco executable available in the container.

docker pull dynatrace/dynatrace-configuration-as-code:2.8.3

Verifying Signature

The Image is signed, and its signature can be verified using cosign and the key that can be downloaded from this release.

 cosign verify --key dynatrace/dynatrace-configuration-as-code:2.8.3

Full Changelog: