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We assume you are using the ? prefix for this guide. We will denote inputs as [input] and choice inputs as [input1/input2] respectively.

If you have any problems with the commands, you can visit the Dyno Custom Commands Server's Support Channel for help.

Caesar Mini-Game

Command by Amosharper

A simple game where only one person can hold the role of Caesar, and anyone can claim it. Requires an existing role of Caesar, preferably with a distinct color. Could give Caesar special privileges, like the ability to post embeds, or use external emoji, or to mute other users. Since the calling message is deleted (to cut down on bot spam), you'll need to document the command somewhere.


  • The role Caesar. If you'd like, you can give it specific permissions, as per the description above.
  • (Optional) Add requirements to the command forcing it to be used in a specific channel. For example, to force the command to be used only in the channel, #throne-room, place in the command {require:#throne-room}.


  • The syntax for this command is ?crownme.
  • A member who does not currently hold the role of Caesar can use the command, which moves them to the role of Caesar.
  • When this command is run, it removes the Caesar role from any other users.

Infection Mini-Game

Command Group by TheRoboticon

A zombie plague has infected the server! Users can infect themselves with ?plague, then infect other people with ?infect. Those infected might want to use ?cure to save themselves, but should be wary of a dangerous side effect!


  • Create the two roles Infected and Uninfected. If you'd like, you can set the Infected role to have some disadvantages, such as the inability to use emotes.
  • A Moderator role, for the command ?treat. In this guide, we use the role name Mod, which you can change in the ?treat file.


  • A user starts the game by using ?plague, which will give them the Infected role and remove the Uninfected Role. In order to prevent instances of the game erupting out of control of the moderators, it may be wise to include a specific requirement. For example, if you'd like for only Twitch Subscribers to start a game, you could add {require:Twitch Subscribers} to the command.
  • An Infected user can then infect other users with ?infect [user]. Note the commands sends a Direct Message to the 'victim', notifying them that they have been infected.
  • Infected can use ?cure to cure themselves. This command has a 1/2 chance to mute the user, as a 'side effect'.
  • ?treat is a command limited to moderators, which moves all players to the Uninfected Role and removes the Infected Role.

Roulette Mini-Game

Command by TheRoboticon

Feeling dangerous? Spin the revolver and take your chances with ?roulette!


  • None.


  • A user uses ?roulette to play. When the command is used, the user gets a 1/6 chance to become muted for 3 minutes.
  • The command takes its name from Russian Roulette.
  • This command will not work on moderators. This is due to Dynobot preventing the muting of Mods, though you can change these settings.


Enjoyed our mini-games? Have any problems? Need help with the setup? Check out our Discord Server and visit the #command-support channel for help!

You can also find more commands to spice up your server on the Fun Commands list!

This guide was written by TheRoboticon

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