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Information Commands

Commands by Nex

These basic commands are used for teaching variable usage. Using these commands will output specific command variables and their output.

This commmand outputs 3 channel specific variables along with their outputs.

  • Channel ID
  • Channel Name
  • Channel Mention

This command outputs 4 time specific variables along with their outputs, in EST.

  • Current 24 hour time
  • Current 12 hour time
  • Current Date
  • Current Date with 24 hour time
  • Current Date with 12 hour time

This command outputs 7 server specific variables along with their outputs.

  • Server ID
  • Server Name
  • Server Icon Url
  • Server Member Count
  • Server Owner ID
  • Server Creation Date
  • Server Region

This command outputs 8 user specific variables along with their outputs.

  • User ID
  • Username with Discriminator
  • Username without Discriminator
  • Discriminator
  • Nickname
  • Avatar URL
  • Account Creation Date
  • Server Join Date

These commands can help you improve the content of your server. For example, you could have a verification code using these variables to state:

Welcome {user.nick}! You are the {server.memberCount} user on this server!

Guide by TheRoboticon.

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