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Freeze Command Docs

  • How to set up the Freeze command:

1. First, add the Freeze commands: freeze and unfreeze

2. Then, run ?addrole freeze #ffffff in your server. This will do some of the setup work for you.

3. Next, go to the settings for each channel, and set freeze to can't send messages, as shown:

Freeze Perms

Of course we don't use light theme, we painfully went through the ordeal of turning on light theme to make this image blend in better with the rest of the page.

Once you complete setting that for each channel, the freeze command should be ready. Simply use ?freeze to freeze the server, and ?unfreeze to revert to normal. Note that on large servers it may take a while to freeze everyone, up to a minute. Administrators are not affected by freezes.

If you want to customize the freeze command (maybe excludes certain roles), please contact us on our Discord Server.

Note: If your server has a different prefix than ?, you will need to use that prefix in place of ? in this documentation.

Documentation written by advaith#9121.

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