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Nickname Request Commands

Nickname Request Commands

Guide Markdown:

We assume that you are using the default command prefix, ?. Inputs will be written as [input]. Choice inputs will be denoted as [input1/input2], respectively.


  • Staff role. These people can deny or approve nicknames.


Requesting a Nickname

  • ?nickname_request [nickname]
  • For example, a user requesting the nickname John Smith would use ?nickname_request John Smith.

Approving or Denying Nickname Requests

  • ?nickname-approve [user] [nickname]

    • For example, approving user @doctorwho#0992's nickname John Smith would follow the syntax ?nickname-approve @doctorwho#0092 John Smith.
  • ?nickname-deny [user] [nickname]

    • For example, denying nickname @doctorwho#0992's nickname John Smith would follow the syntax ?nickname-deny @doctorwho#0092 John Smith.

Documentation written by Nex and updated by TheRoboticon. All commands are made by CraftyCat05. If you need support regarding this command, make sure to join our Discord Server.

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