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Warning System Commands

Warning System Commands


  • Roles:
  1. 1st Warning
  2. 2nd Warning
  3. 3rd Warning

Command Usage:

All these commands are to be used with the user ID followed by the reason. For example:

  • ?1warn [userID] [reason] or ?1warn 335405822106664961 Trolling
  • ?2warn [userID] [reason] or ?2warn 335405822106664961 Advertising
  • ?3warn [userID] [reason] or ?3warn 335405822106664961 Usage of foul language
  • ?clwarn [userID] [reason] or ?clwarn 335405822106664961 Timeup

How do you get a User Id? Use @username and copy just the number given.


The warning commands will output the following:

  • In Chat: [Warned User] just got their 1st/2nd/3rd warning from Moderator [Command User] for [Reason]
  • Direct Message to Command User: [Warned User] just got his 1st/2nd/3rd warning.

The ?clwarn command will output the following:

  • In Chat: Moderator [Command User] just cleared all of [Warned User]'s warnings! Reason: [Reason]


Thank you for using this Dyno Custom Command! If you have any more questions, you can check out our Discord Server!

This guide was updated by TheRoboticon. The commands and warning system was created by Nex.

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