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Poll Commands

Poll System

This guide will teach you how to set up the Poll System, developed by TheRoboticon.

Guide Markdown:

We assume that you are using the default command prefix, ?. Inputs will be written as [input]. Choice inputs will be denoted as [input1/input2], respectively.


  • A Channel to post important things in. We've called this channel #info-and-news, but you can call it whatever you want- just edit the command as well.
  • Two Voting Roles, Option1 and Option2. Again, you can name it whatever you want, just make sure to modify the command appropriately.
  • A Moderator Role. In the current code, we used Moderator as our role name.

List of Commands and Permissions

  • ?poll (Requires: Moderator)
  • ?op1 and ?op2
  • ?pollcount (Requires: Moderator)
  • ?pollclose (Requires: Moderator)

Command Use and Syntax

  • ?poll creates a new poll in your announcements channel.

    • Use the format ?poll [option one] [option two] [question]
    • For example, the poll 'Do you like Sandwiches?' would be written as follows: ?poll Yes No Do you like Sandwiches?
  • ?op1 and ?op2 are the two voting commands.

    • Following the example above, a user that enjoys sandwiches would type ?op1 to vote Yes.
    • Note that once someone has voted, they cannot change their choice- the command will not work for them until you have closed the poll.
  • ?pollcount posts the current poll results in the channel you use it in.

    • This will show the members of the two roles, Option1 and Option2.
    • In rare cases there may be too many members to show in the list. For this, use the default command ?roleinfo [option1/option2].
  • ?pollclose ends the current poll and removes all users from the roles Option1 and Option2, then announces the result.

    • Use the format ?pollclose [results]
    • For example, if most people voted yes for Sandwiches, you would might say ?pollclose Looks like y'all like Sandwiches!
    • Note that the bot will also output a message noting the roles that are being removed. This is normal- you can use this command in a separate channel to hide the output.


Congratulations on installing the new Poll Command system! Maybe you could ask your server members if they enjoy sandwiches as your first poll?

Hopefully this guide was helpful (It better be, I spent a good 30 minutes on it). If you have any questions, head over to the Dyno Custom Command server and ask the support staff for help, and we'll gladly help you through the process.

This guide was written by TheRoboticon

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