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Releases: Dynom/TySug

v0.1.5: Marking typo support (#18)

23 Feb 12:25
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6e08967 Reducing to just 1 allocation
50e356e Adding tests covering different implementations
50715df Updated smetrics package and changed the Jaro implementation to include rounding of transposition halves
dcb2f1e [Jaro] Adding support for 1 character inputs, which should result in fewer 0 scores on 1 character patterns
e3d0efb Ignoring weak random implementation for the request logger instance identification
97965fc Updating Dockerfile
d9a8030 A bit more lenient cognit, we can handle it
d22db9d Reducing an allocation
0f5d77d Adding a benchmark to verify we don't have a race condition with finding and refreshing
385f8c2 Updating deps
69b9a44 A slightly faster lock reader
38958b2 To Euclidean from distance
7a70d0b Adding (pre)processors with a Marking typo processor (#18) (opt in!)


23 Mar 13:44
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d9cd40f Switching to Go modules
e293555 Documentation update
97188c9 Adding the option to refresh Finder's map
7773d83 Adding buckets
25c2285 Adding methods for prefix filtering
a04eb0c Testing for exact matches


12 Oct 18:23
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2bb8fd8 Updating dependencies


14 Aug 14:02
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91e6f5b Create CNAME
59f1ee4 Doc update
9680e9b forgot the illustration
37dd3f2 Creating a consistent SA config
b97d950 Mostly just improving test-coverag
c83f6e2 Testing with a more realistic distance between keys.
e339116 Testing pprof's config


13 Jul 10:02
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1252bda Adding release script
8daee0b Not crazy about the design, but this works. Adding pprof's handlers
9272acc The "worst" value doesn't make much sense on a perfect match, on hindsight
f0b5c33 I think it makes sense to expose when a literal match is found. This might also help prevent false positives
cac7d26 doc updates
2410d15 Style feedback
4715a1b Improving test
0fabae7 Unnecessary code
e144927 doc update about the exact_match
e75801e More gracefully handle inputs that exceed the limit
bc0840d Removing code that made no sense..🤦🏽‍🤦🏽‍♂
247fc2f Removing dead code
2467086 Doc update
caafab7 A bit primitive, but this'll work for now
6d794a4 Minor changes and adding tests
d754780 initial booster design
8d10cc3 Doc fix
a249ea7 Simplification and some optimisations
7a7704b rename and simplification
f86a617 rename
38f36ba renaming, its slowly taking shape
3094560 unused
9244d7f Adding tests around the tolerane
28e16df Adding moar tests
91479de Adding tests and some performance improvements
a270c75 Style feedback
5811251 On >1 same scoring references, keyboard distance is factored in
193b34f Set theme jekyll-theme-cayman
435a127 Readme update
f8f163a doc improvements


03 Jul 21:15
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8a08639 Introduced config, introduced endpoints, a route and a bunch of other stuff.
486e50b Decided to ditch the global logger. The server is part of TySug and I dont feel the need to openig this up with a generic interface
3b5f5d0 Ups, left this in after testing cancellation
1cf683b Adding a request logger. Perhaps overkill, but it`ll work for now.
675ac63 Style fixes
cec1a9a Adding validators, restructured some code
70dc1ee Aligning pre-post hook with circle
67a5de0 Optimisation for inputs that are considered too short to be a typo
ae65ea8 Making exact matches explicit
a1608f4 Testing the tolerance
8ba1784 doc update
7edbd8e No reason to cast it each request
178b1ca Adding a few more tests
8c5444a Should return 40xs here
72b9500 Changing to a logger with context
71d79bb Adding a gzip handler
d8e56e8 Removing some defers from the hot-code path
44bbedc checking if a handler got defined.