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A gui editor for omikuji files.
C++ QMake
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			  README for Omiquji
			   19 February 2012

	       Copyright © 2012 Jason J. A. Stephenson

Omiquji is a GUI editor for omikuji files.  It is written using the Qt
toolkit.  It has a Q in its name to distinguish it from the command
line omikuji program more so than to indicate the Qt heritage.

I threw it together in just a couple of days, so it still has some
rough edges and no real documentation.

To build and install it, simply run qmake -recursive in the top level
project directory and then run make.  You can copy the resulting
executable, omiquji, to wherever you like.

Omiquji is distributed under terms of the GNU General Public License
version 3.0 or later.  A copy of the license should be available in
the gpl-3.0.txt file.
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